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whenever I get stressed from homework like now I make a to do list but I put “A LIST OF THINGS” at the top in all caps because it reminds me of night vale and also makes me feel like cecil is sitting there helping me with everything


So I sketched this comic back when 9x03 hadn’t even aired yet. I found the strength to finish it today. 

Dean is so cute when he flusters




What if the Admiralty just gets drunk and pairs command teams up based on shit like this.

When the captain’s away someone has to put their hands on their hips.

Oh my god, I love the idea that Spock only does this when Kirk’s not there. Like it’s part of having the conn. Okay, what would the captain do…well, I know step one…


i really want more otp scenes where character A is talking excitedly about something they really love (bonus points if it’s sciencey stuff) and the character B has no idea what A’s talking about but they let A keep going as they watch the look on A’s face and then halfway through realize

"shit, i love them."

but they still don’t interrupt because A looks so happy and beautiful like this